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AQUORA Evolution vol 1



Aquora Evolution vol 1

EPIC CINEMATIC VOCAL LIBRARY 950+  Sounds 48 kHz 24 Bit 2.51 GB Uncompressed

Versions for FULL Kontakt 7.5.2 and WAV.

21 Kontakt 7 instruments:

  • AQUORA_Am_Phrases
  • AQUORA_Breaths
  • AQUORA_Cm Phrases
  • AQUORA_Dm_Phrases
  • AQUORA_Em_Phrases
  • AQUORA_Gm_Phrases
  • AQUORA_Pulses
  • AQUORA_Shamans_Dm_Phrases
  • AQUORA_Shamans_Em_Phrases
  • AQUORA_Shamans_FXs_Phrases
  • AQUORA_Sirens_Am_Phrases
  • AQUORA_Sirens_Dm_Phrases
  • AQUORA_Sirens_Em_Phrases
  • AQUORA_Sirens_FXs
  • AQUORA_The Elders_Chants
  • AQUORA_The Elders_Talk Phrases
  • AQUORA_Whispers and Talk_Phrases
  • AQUORA_Hard-Portamento Legato
  • AQUORA_Hard-Sustain Legato
  • AQUORA_Soft-Portamento Legato
  • AQUORA_Soft-Sustain Legato

TH Studio Production present: Aquora Evolution vol 1 – Epic Cinematic Vocal Library.
The voice of the Bulgarian singer Megi Angelova and Tihomir Hristozov.

AQUORA Evolution – vol 1

Artistic Cinematic vocals for your award-winning music production.

Who is Aquora?

Aquora is an immortal female entity considered the last seed of an advanced alien civilisation brought to planet Kiandra (Ancient, Magical Water) by two Elementals who travelled through the cosmic vastness searching for a new home after their planet was destroyed.
Her origin and supernatural abilities led many to worship her as a deity. She had no parents and a lonely childhood, and to conceal her sadness, sometimes she would retreat to hide somewhere and weep, not realising that her emotions were affecting the waters and all living things could sense it. This occurrence was later called The Cry of The Ocean.

As a young adult, she was very free-spirited and adventurous. However, The Highest Will had prepared a whirlwind of challenges and dramatic events for her through the evolutionary transition of the planet. Her destiny was written in the Book of Life from another dimension…


It has been many star cycles since the Elementals transformed into stardust, marking the beginning of a new era under the reign of Queen Aquora. The ocean and land nations prospered until the Great Lunar Eclipse disturbed the planet, causing massive floods that submerged most of the surface. Only a few islands remained with freshwater sources, where the survivors took refuge, aware that everything would sink underwater when the Last Eclipse occurred. Seeking salvation, most of them headed for the high mountains, where the shamans were preparing to open a portal to the Heavenly Cities through sacred chanting and consecration rituals, merging with the source of existence. The winds of change were sweeping the planet and turning the chronicles of the lands into legends told by the marine elders and nostalgic songs sung by the sirens.


Source: Story fragments according to the Book AQUORA Evolution by Megi Angelova, part of the AQUORA book series.


Highlighted characters in the library:


Aquora – Strong spirit, a warrior and leader with an unwavering will and kind heart, alchemist connected to the Divine True Source, Lucid Dreamer.


The Elders

A group of wise female advisers responsible for Aquora’s educational, intellectual and spiritual upbringing. Moruna, the chief elder, was her personal guardian and teacher, initiated by the Elementals to help her unlock her powers and the sacred knowledge of her alien origin and prepare her to take control over her destiny.


The Shamans

Spiritually advanced beings who inhabit mainly the sanctuaries on the high peaks of the mountains, where they practice meditation, consecration rituals, sacral chanting, and merging with the source of existence.

They have a direct telepathic connection with the priests of the Heavenly Cities and The Elders of the Aquamarine Ocean.


The Sirens

Advanced mermaid race with the ability to adjust their voices to different frequencies and use them as a weapon, protection, to send signals and other purposes. Mystic singers and members of the royal sonic squad.


Language: Fictional, written by Megi Angelova



Megi Angelova is a UK-based Bulgarian artistic cinematic vocalist, singer/songwriter and music composer who can see beyond “the usual”  and use it as a creative approach in her work. Her voice can be heard on THE WOMAN KING Official Trailer 2/New Zealand 2022 and many independent and commercial music productions, TV Spots and movies.

She is the voice of the globally recognised Epic Cinematic Vocal Library VANDRIA 1 – The Goddess of War and VANDRIA 2 – New Dawn, by TH Studio Production.



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